Message from CEO & Owner


My Longhorn cattle passion began at our own land just outside city limits of Lufkin, Texas. I was 10 yrs old when I started enjoying the ranch experience with my family and was introduced to cows. There, on that little farm, is where I got my first taste of working with cattle. It seemed like I bailed hay, hauled hay, fixed fences,  dewormed cows, dug watering holes; I just didn't know it was hard work!   As I grew older and transitioned to college, the only time I worked on the farm was  during the summers. Although being outside in Texas was hotter than a pot of neck bones, working with the cattle was fun and hard work. My younger days lit a small spark that I've never forgotten. So, I decide that when I retire, I would buy me a little property, have my own (grass-fed) Texas Longhorn  cattle and pursue that passion.  

Like a bolt of lightening the thought crossed my mind. Why wait till  retirement. Go for it now. After several years, much research and  training, I decided to go ahead and pursue the passion. Since then, I  have developed a special interest in Texas Longhorns and decided to have  my own herd of this unique breed of cattle. With a lot of guidance and  help from Matt McGuire and Charlene Semkin, I acquired a small herd that  keeps on growing. There is nothing like a Texas Longhorn.   I thank you for taking the time to browse through Barbed C Ranch Website  and encourage you to share your experience with your family and  friends. Feel free to directly contact me for any inquiries/suggestions  you may have.   Looking forward to making business with you!   

Bryan Curtis CEO & Owner, Barbed C Ranch